Magnus#34 – Magnus Skogsberg – Skål för livet (org Here´s to life by Butler / Molinary)

Magnus#34 – Here´s to life by Butler / Molinary (Swe. Skål för livet – Misty/Universal)

“Here´s to life” was written by Artie Butler and his friend Phyllis Molinary. The song was made famous in 1992 by Shirley Horn and it struck med as a lighting when it was sung at a gospel brunch in Harlem New York by Boncellia Lewis almost three years ago.
(My interview Boncelia: )
And to make the long story short – I translated the song to Swedish and Artie and I became friends. (Watch my interview with Artie: )
I´m letting this song be the last single release to close my Tjeinch-story for now. I feel blessed having met Artie, Boncellia and all the other people on my journey. In particular I want to thank the team behind the Music- and YouTube-production; Mikael Sundin, Martin Stolpe Margenberg and Leo Gaszynski. You Guys Rock!

(An excerpt back translation of my Swedish version to English:
“Don´t take anything for granted.
Here´s to love to life.
Cheers to that.
For love.
Cheers my friend.”

Orig. written by Butler/Moilinary – Universal
(swe translation “Skål för livet”  by Magnus Skogsberg)

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