Magnus#27 – The temporary [Tjeinch] (CLIP 27 of many) 2060
I´m spoiled. I realizing that for years I have had the luxury of non permanent changes by spending part of my life as an actor. For limited periods I have had the priviledge of entering other peoples lives, thinking the thoughts of the characters and in a playful way actually going through enriching changes, with the right to exit and change back. Can I offer inspiration from the change in my last film and the character Angelina-John in the movie “2060”?
The world is encouraging us to our selves. But maybe it can be as exciting to enter a slight different version of yourself for a day as a [Tjeinch], as long as you are not harming anybody else?

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“2060” Trailer

“2060” premiering Gothenborg Filmfestival 29 JAN 2017
Regi: Henrik Hellström
Manus: Therese Bringholm
Produktion: Storyfire

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