Vedam#3 – (Clip 3 of 3) Vedam had already begun his journey of survival from cancer when he lost his son, Lucan Knutsson 2002, in an accident. We talk about living with grief and that we we are not great at sharing it, especially with ourselves. He says that today he is grateful that he had already begun his inner journey when the worst thing that could happen, happened. I’m grateful to Lars Vedam Knutsson wanted to share his most private thoughts with us in our channel and I hope his stories can inspire to courage and insight.

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Lukas Knutsson Memorial page

SONG FOR YOU (instrumental) – original music and lyrics by Artie Butler  (From the coming album [Tjeinch] Vol. 1)
Original music and lyrics by Leon Russel/Universal Music Publishing Scandinavia

Arranger & Guitar: Mikael Sundin
Bass: Robert Erlandsson
Guitar: Ola Gustafsson
Cello: Leo Svensson Sander/Linnea Olsson
Violin: Eva Lindal
Drums: Ola Bothzén

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