Reuben#2 – Brother from another mother (Clip 2 of 2)
I´m talking to Reuben Sallmander, actor, singer, gallerist and more.
We find friendship in the togetherness of being victims of loss from suicide. A place where laughter and tears can walk hand in hand. We talk about [Tjeinch] on different levels – personal to wordly. We agree that it can there is a level of platitude to say that “It´s never too late to change”. But for sure it’s always too late to let things that should be changed,  just go on. I am fascinated by Reubens social engagement on the larger scale and I see both a brother from another mother, an entertainer and a future politician. Dont´you agree?

Reuben Sallmander

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Behöver du prata med någon om sjävlmord eller vill stödja Suicide Zeros arbete för att minska självmorden i Sverige?