Magnus#32 – A Personal Ad in [Tjeinch] – The Epilogue

Magnus#32 – A Personal Ad in [Tjeinch] – The Epilogue
[Tjeinch] is coming to an end and I am looking for someone who wants to continue to tell the story.
When I started [Tjeinch] I really didn’t know where I was going.
What I knew, was that my dads suicide has played central part in my life.
And to find the courage to tell the story, I did music, and I filmed inspirational people with experience of CHANGE, that became interviews in the channel.
You became my life-lines, my inspiration.
But one story easily leads to another, and ”whats hidden in snow, comes forth in the thaw”. (Swedish proverb)
One day, someone tells me that my dad had a colleague in the same workplace, who had also taken his life.
The man named Jarl Bäfving and his son Erik Bäfving, had made three documentary films about his father, all which has won several awards in film festivals.
My contact with Erik was immediate. We were both survivors. Survivors in brief caused by suicide.
Synchronicity raised question marks about the male role in the 1980s, about power structures at workplaces,  and an unpleasant feeling of what happened may happen again.
And that yet another subject in society, like #metoo, has been under conspiracy of silence – suicide.
I believed that the stories must be told, to learn from.
What factors caused my father to take his life?
Will I ever find out?
Are you maybe the one, who takes over the relay stick now?



INBETWEENER (Dagarna emellan) by Erik Bäfving

WITH OPEN EYES  (Jag vill se) by Erik Bäfving

For helplines and more information on Suicide Prevention

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