Magnus#31- Merry Tjeinch, Happy Holidays & Gratitude

Magnus#31 – Merry Tjeinch, Happy Holidays & Gratitude
I receved a clip from a friend from over 35 years ago featuring me putting on a show in a fashion store window. I had totally forgot abott this one. And now when I see it, me miming to Elvis I realized that for 35 yers I probably wanted to speak out in a song, but did´tt dare to. I am struck by a huge feeling of gratitude towards all people along the road that has pushed me in the right direction – coming out of my music closet – and weclomed me into a world I never though I coudl be part of. THANK YOU:  From miming in a store front window to singing live has been a huge step for me.  I want to share my latest gig at the Pierre Hotel and the annual Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Christmas Celebration. Please also let me take a moment to list supporters of my journey along the road, on stage and next to it.
And above all, my incredible husband Leck Tear who always supports and believe in me. I LOVE YOU.

Amanda Erixon lives in New York where she freelances as an actress and singer. Singing has been an obvious part of her life and through the music repertoire, she found her way to the theater and Stella Adler studio where she just finished her studies in theater in the United States. Read more about her and her future assignments at

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Can´t help falling in love with you – Peretti/Creatore/Weiss – Gladys
Feliz Navidad – J. Feliciano/Universal Music

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For my music journey I express my gratitude to:

Aarto Winter
Adam Nordén
Agnes Carlsson
Alva Klum Ekdahl
Amanda Eriixon
Anders Lorentzi
Anna Wallgren
Artie Butler
Björn Engelmann
Boncellia Lewis
Eskilstuna teater
Eva Dahlgren
Eva Lindahl
Fabian Torsson
Gari Powder
Gerda Holmqvist
Göteborgs Stadsteater
Helena Jonason
Jennifer Vincent
Jenny Kaiser
Jesper  Lagström
Jessica Östnäs
Jim  Caruso
Johan Lund Andersson
Karl Johan  Ankarblom
Leonard Gasziynski
Leo Svensson Sander
Linnea  Olsson
Malena  Laszlo
Marie Dimberg
Martin Stolpe Margenberg
Mikael Sundin
Moni Bee
Ola  Bothzén
Ola  Gustafson
Pete  Smith
Peter Nilsbo
Peter Tegnér
Red Rooster Harlem
Robert Erlandson
SACC New York
Sean Kelly
Sean Smith
Shawn Raynor
Susie  Päivärinta
Tine Matulessi
Tove Törsgren Brun
William Bausch