Magnus Skogsberg – Vincent Stjärnor Överallt (org. Vincent Starry Nights)


”My husband introduced this song to me a few years ago. I instantly realized it was a [Tjeinch] anthem for me, where music touched a story I wanted to tell. Vincent is an tribute to the life and the tragic death of Vincent Van Gogh, but it also holds a hope for change. A hope that if we learn how to finetune our sensitivities we can get each others back”

Org av Don McLean / Vincent Starry Nights. ISWC- T-070.247.612-7 (Sv. Översättning Magnus Skogsberg) Producent/Gitarr: Mikael Sundin Bass: Robert Erlandsson Drums: Ola Bothzén Studio/mix: Atlantis Studios Stockholm – Strings: Violin: Fredrik Syberg, Daniel Migdal, Patrik Swedrup, Daniela Bonfiglioli, Anna Stefansson, Martin Stensson, Conny Lindgren, Won-Hee Lee, Brusk Zanganeh Viola: Christopher Öhman, Vidar Andersson Meilink, Mikael Sjögren Cello: Filip Lundberg, Fred Lindberg Double Bass: Sigrid Granit Recorded by Willem Bleeker @ Kaza Studios, Stockholm Arranged by Erik Arvinder & Henrik Langemyr Conducted by Erik Arvinder at Bagpipe Studios Mastering: Cuttingroom

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– DOP/edit: Whilliam Silva