Lena#1 – My Schoolteacher & My [Tjeinch] (Clip 1 of 3). 

Meet Lena Holmberg, my old teacher. Lena went from elementary school teacher, tp special education teacher, the professorships in the field of education and to be continued. For years I spied on her, impressed by her progress and much aware of how important she was to me in my earlier school years. One day the news came up through Google the Lena lost her son to cancer. The news hit me hard. Through a series of seemingly random events, we got in touch and had reason to talk about our lives and how we dealt with our life changes in different directions, but also what struck me the most; Who would I have been if Lena had not been there when I was shaping myself into an adult? And is the love to a teacher barred and no longer forbidden fruit after 40 years?

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