Lena#2 – My Schoolteacher & Her [Tjeinch] (Clip 2 of 3). 

Meet Lena Holmberg, my former teacher from middle school. I´d say that Lena has always been an expert on new ways of thinking, questioning theories and [Tjeinch]. She definitely changed my life. When the news reached me that Lena’s son suffered from an incurable cancer, I was dismayed. Lena was affected by the worst changes of all. The son wanted to die at home and Lena, the son’s wife and an elderly relative formed a triad of women,  that together with a palliative team too care of him at home until he passed away. To me,  it was a heartbreaking story of life’s injustice, that a teacher who has meant so much for other people’s children,  would have to loose her own. Lena tells us how she has coped with the grief, the energies and not the least – the empathy. What happens to a person after such a major life change? And how do you handle the empathy when standing in the middle of it all – to the child but also to yourself? Listen to Lena´s story..

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Lena Holmbergs popular book LIVET I DÖDENS VÄNTRUM – EN MOR BERÄTTAR (Eng transl. Life in the waiting room of death – told by a mother) 




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