Carlo#2 – The [Tjeinch] of scene (Clip 2 of 2). 

Carlo Bosco, decided to change his life scene and open his own restaurant. We are talking about the similarities and differences of the different worlds he masters and have lived in.  What can he get out of his own restaurant Bacaro that he didn’t get from his other jobs? And is it true that it would never have happened without Helena, his work colleague that after 4 nights became his partner in crime, food and love? Carlo lures me into being one of his performances at the restaurants, and I manage to lure my partners into he same deal –  to do a pop up unplugged; Laszlo&Tear at Bacaro a Friday night, unannounced. 

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LASZLO&TEAR Victoriateatern 16 & 17 Feb 2017

CARLO BOSCO fotograf

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