BONCELLIA#3 – The Big Change (Here´s to life / Skål för livet – Boncellia Lewis/Magnus Skogsberg)

BONCELLIA#3 – The Big Change (w. Boncellia Lewis)
Meet Boncellia Lewis, a New York singer, artist and living legend and one of the the catalysts that made me start project [Tjeinch]. Boncellia is telling me about her biggest change, moving out of her own home into a building of serviced apartments. I´m following her to the gig of the day – the legendary Gospel Brunch at the Red Rooster in Harlem, as I want to give you the same feeling I had first time I heard her perform Artie Butlers “Here´s to life”, 2 years ago. She knew the story that I translated it into Swedish, but little did I know that she had a secret plan to sing it together. Suddenly announced at the Red Rooster and very nervously I take the microphone. Thank you Boncellia and may your force be with me. Hey  – Here´s to life! You only live once right?


Thank you Moni. who is not longer with us, for arranging our meeting. Moni RIP.
Thank you Shawn Raynor & Leck Tear for DOP work.


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