BONCELLA#1 – One song can [Tjeinch] a life (w. Boncella Lewis)
Meet Boncella Lewis. The incredible woman that was the catalyst for this YouTube channel. She sang one song at the Red Rooster in Harlem that started a snowball of events for me. The song was “Here´s To Life”  by Artie Butler and later it was translated by me into a Swedish version,  that enriched me with the friendship of Artie. It´s written in the stars – one thing leads to another. Things are ment to happen and soulmates are supposed to meet. I´m greatful for all those moments and today I do believe in synchronicity. We can raise our antennas and meet the people we need. Thank you Boncella. Listen to her story.



Thank you, Moni who is not longer with us, but who was so friendly and arranged our meeting. Moni RIP.

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