Magnus#16 – (Clip 16 of many). Ad Honorem Artie Butler
“I don´t remember ever growing up” by Artie Butler is one of the few songs he wrote both lyrics and music for yourself.
The song is a refletction of Artie’s own awakening of getting older, which was took him by surprise. Artie wrote the song backwards because he only knew how it would end, and then he worked his way to the beginning of the song.
I translated the song and hesitated a long time if I could do it justice, but after being in Los Angeles and having played the Swedish version Arties appreciation, me to dare. In Swedish the song is called “Jag minns inte att jag har växt upp”

I DONT REMEMBER EVER GROWING UP – original music and lyrics by Artie Butler
Swedish lyrics by: Magnus Skogsberg Tear (JAG MINNS INTE ATT JAG HAR VÄXT UPP)
(Original lyrics in subtitles)
From the coming album [Tjeinch] Vol. 1

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Arranger & Guitar: Mikael Sundin
Bass: Robert Erlandsson
Guitar: Ola Gustafsson
Cello: Leo Svensson Sander/Linnea Olsson
Violin: Eva Lindal
Drums: Ola Bothzén